TecNica Background

Founded in 1983 following a visit to the country, the idea and unique model for TecNica began to develop. Conceived of as a people-to-people aid program, it enabled professional and technical volunteers from developed countries to contribute their skills to a developing nation. The intent of TecNica’s volunteer program was to promote social justice and economic development in developing countries.

The TecNica Model

TecNica’s model was unique for its time.  It was based on recruiting volunteers who were

  1. Trained in professional and technical skills. TecNica placed them in work projects appropriate to their skills, or where they could be helpful given their expertise.
  2. Willing to finance their own travel to and period of stay in the country where they would work.
  3. Able to travel for work projects for short time periods (typically, two to three weeks). This limited time period permitted volunteers to take vacations or short-term leave from their regular jobs and enabled them to return to those jobs.

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The Origins of TecNica:  The ASTC Conference in Managua

Historical Setting:  The Contra War