In Memoriam

In the years since the 1980’s, a number of our colleagues and TecNica Volunteers have passed away.  This page is dedicated to preserving their memory and the invaluable contributions that they made to TecNica and the Nicaraguan people or the people of Southern Africa.  As we acquire more information and photographs, we will publish them here.

Please click on the name to visit a memorial page dedicated to each individual with more in-depth descriptions of the contributions of each one.

Michael Urmann (November, 20, 1944 – April 28, 2012) TecNica founder, Economics Professor, and tireless worker for peace and economic justice throughout his life.

Benjamin Linder (July 7, 1959 – April 28, 1987)    Engineer, long-term independent volunteer, and TecNica Contributor and Supporter

Ed Colaianni ( – 2008)  TecNica Collaborator and Supporter

Dave Wald (-2005)  TecNica Volunteer, Supporter, and one of the principals in the ongoing Nicaragua Emergency Generator Project

Bob Frey (May 22, 1945 – October, 18, 2011)  TecNica Volunteer in Computers and Systems Analysis and long-time Supporter

Blanche Grosswald (-2003)  TecNica Volunteer in library automation and Supporter

Jim Harris ( – June 3, 2011)  TecNica Supporter and Contributor

Julius Lugovoy  (December 18, 1924-March 7, 2007)  TecNica Volunteer

Paul Baizerman ( -Dec. 12, 2011)  Tecnica Volunteer