Paul Baizerman, Tecnica Volunteer

Paul Baizerman on a delegation to observe the 2001 Nicaraguan elections.

March 8, 1944 – December 6, 2011

We just got news that Paul Baizerman died today in New York City, accompanied by his wife Yudi and his brother, Mike. He had been really sick and in the hospital about a month. He had lost a lot of weight and was quite weak.

Apparently he had a heart attack, and wasn’t strong enough to rally. We had been hoping to see him at the end of December, but only found out this weekend that he had really taken a turn for the worse. Paul was a hard worker and a committed friend. We don’t have more news yet. Please pass the word along.

Does anyone have a photo of Paul, information on what he worked on in Nicaragua, or any other information about him?

New York Times Obituary

“BAIZERMAN–Paul, 67, died December 6, in New York City. Teacher, activist, leader, organizer, community builder, friend, mentor in New York City, Cuba and Central America. Survived by wife Yudalmy Llanes Jenky, brother, and loving family and friends.”

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