TecNica had many supporters in addition to its wonderful volunteers — financial supporters, those who have provided in-kind donations, people who generously donated their time, and those people who have helped produce this website.

Michael Urmann set up the original home page file and some of the historical background pages.  Mary Engle produced the remainder of the website.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Eric Brenes, a Nicaraguan official at the National Bank, who recognized the importance and usefulness of TecNica from its inception.  He introduced TecNica to key people in government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, universities, etc., to enable TecNica staff (Michael Urmann, in particular) to develop early volunteer projects.

Special thanks to Ray Marshall, who digitized audio tapes, VHS videos, etc. to make them available on this website.  We now have a permanent record of these.

Click here for a list of TecNica’s financial supporters in 1988-1989.  TecNica had financial supporters for a decade and we’d like to acknowledge them all.  We will be adding more information as it becomes available.

We welcome your input if you know of others who should be named.  We would love to thank them again here.

Once again, we are eternally grateful to those who have contributed.