TecNica Projects

TecNica Volunteers worked on over a hundred of projects in Nicaragua and a number of countries in Southern Africa.  Some projects were discrete, with a start and finish date.  However, many projects either could not be completed in a two-week stay or were “ongoing” as volunteers identified follow-up work that could be done. Upon their return, these volunteers recruited colleagues with similar skills to return to Nicaragua to carry forward further phases of the original project.  These project became “continuing projects” because of the willingness and dedication of volunteers to see them through further phases.

The Nicaragua Generator Project was one such “continuing project.” Portions of Nicaragua’s power grid failed from time to time, leaving hospitals and critical care medical units with no backup system to power emergency rooms and operating rooms.  The Generator Project concentrated on procuring back-up generators to provide necessary power and installing them in Nicaragua’s hospitals. The project spanned many years and involved many volunteers, both in Nicaragua and in the United States.

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