TecNica Volunteer Placements, 1987

Having only a two-week session time period, volunteers got right to work on projects shortly after they arrived in Nicaragua.

From the TecNica Annual Report, 1987, we have a glimpse of what can be accomplished, even given the short volunteer stays.

Agricultural Mechanization School
Provided long-term machine shop instruction over the course of a number of volunteers
Built shelves for supplies and quipment.
Taught welding techniques.
Consulted on orchard managment.

City Government of Managua
Computerized land use information.
Helped evaluate plans for land use database system.
Repaired battery chargers, compressors, and welding equipment.
Taught surveying methods.

Nicaraguan News Agency
Provided instruction on use of WordPerfect software.
Consulted on Telex and other hardware equipment.
Set up computer and provided introductory training.
Consulted on the use of electronic mail for filing stories.

National Assembly
Repaired broken computer printer.
Translated new Constitution and wrote comparative analysis.
Provided instruction on use of WordPerfect software.

Bank of Industry and Commerce
Taught course in interactive programming for System 36.
Consulted on computer mainframe.

Barricada Newspaper
Did typesetting work and Consulted on repair needs.
Did computer repair work.
Consulted on maintenance needs for press.
Helped plan PC/laser printer typesetting system.
Assisted in typesetting newspaper.

National Development Bank
Programmed the computer.
Taught class in Turbo Pascal.
Programmed in dBase on branch banking project.

Center for Training in Systems and Informatics (CAIS)
Taught course on structured analysis.
Implemented advanced Lotus course and reviewed intermediate course.
Developed advanced course in dBase III.
Did strategic planning and training for CAIS administration and staff.
Taught an introductory course in C programming.
Taught courses in Turbo Pascal and dBase III.
Revised administrative software and advised trainers and staff.
Designed course in COBOL.
Taught course in Lotus.
Developed and taught a course in WordPerfect.
Translated and consulted on teaching materials for Lotus and dBase III.
Taught DOS to staff; advised on curriculum and strategy.

Matagalpa Regional Government Office
Trained in use of demographic and statistics software.

Center for Microcomputers
Assisted in microcomputer repair and taught course in digital design.
Taught DOS, software and repair techniques.
Consulted on development of software sales business.

Center for Evangelical Aid to Development
Trained in basic Wordstar/Lotus.
Advised on accounting software.
Did troubleshooting work on accounting system.

Center for Popular Health Educations (CISAS)
Installed Framework, memory boards, and trained staff.

Nicaraguan Society of Radiologists
Taught course in ultrasound physics.

National Forestry Company
Developed standards and information for spare parts database.
Modified database system for parts inventory.

Supreme Court
Developed system to annotate and record court decisions.
Did computer repair work.
Developed legal database of prisoner records.

CPASA Sheet-fed Press Shop
Taught short course in C Programming.
Consulted and provided support for biogas demonstration project.
Consulted on appropriate technology for sugar industry.

National Informatics Agency
Taught course in Pascal.
Trained in word processing and data entry.
Taught SPSS statistical package.
Taught basic 6502 microprocessor design, use, and repair.
Set up micro communications network.
Taught seminar on PC architecture and marketplace.

National Company for Basic Food Supply
Modified spreadsheet program; wrote program for vehicle amortization

National Company for Agricultural and Cattle Development
Wrote computer programs for surveying and land re-shaping work.
Planned courses for database work.
Analyzed topographic information
Set up system to track data on dairy farms.

Electrical Transformer Repair Company
Consulted on repairs and rebuilding of pole-top electrical transformers.

Ministry of Housing Design Workshop
Did design work for new dam construction.
Analyzed structural problems at Sandino Airport buildings.
Reviewed design of proposed hotel construction project.
Did Foundation analysis for proposed construction projects.
Helped evaluate site for new 100-unit housing development.

Textile Factory
Repaired diesel generator and designed circuits.

National Planning and Budget Office
Developed input-output matrix for national economic analysis.

Agricultural Cooperative for Retarded Children
Evaluated needs and instructional methods.

Guatemalan Church in Exile
Did computer repair work.

Ministry of Agriculture, Construction Division
Wrote a graphics package for construction purposes.

Nicaragua Water Company
Did study of ground water resources near Matagalpa.
Did evaluation of Matagalpa drinking water plant.
Programmed a new COBOL accounting system on IBM 370 mainframe computer.
Prepared report on plans for ground water development.
Surveyed sources of water pollution in Matagalpa.
Did Survey work for the installation of potable water piping.
Consulted on possibility of shift from IBM 370 to microcomputer.

Institute for Public Administration
Taught course in quality control and production efficiency.
Repaired air conditioning system.

National Energy Company
Taught elementary database use.
Modified load flow computer program for electrical system.
Mechanical consulting on power plants and sub-stations.
Helped design solar ovens.
Repaired electronic testing equipment and battery chargers.
Did long-term consulting in power plant engineering.

National Census and Statistics Agency
Developed data-entry program on employment statistics.
Worked on database for statistics on 600 businesses.
Helped set up database on vital statistics.
Taught word processing software.
Taught SPSS (statistical software) use and consulted on database project.
Finished development of vital statistics database.

National Earth Sciences Institute
Consulted on use of PC as terminal for UNIX system.
Repaired computers.
Feasibility study on possible analysis of Masaya volcano.
Wrote BASIC programs for use with digitizer board.
Fixed digitizer and other microcomputer software/hardware.

Institute for Social and Economic Research (INIES)
Continued long-term work in applied statistics.
Taught SPSS to the staff.

National Insurance Agency
Taught seminar on legal aspects of shipping and trade.

Natural Resources and Environment Institute
Worked on development of forestry inventory system.
Consulted on land use and forestry projects.

Voice of Nicaragua Radio Station
Did consulting work.

Ministry of Education, Special Education
Did training and evaluation of hearing-impaired children.

Ministry of Construction

Helped develop planning model.

Taught a short course in mathematics for computer use.

Ministry of Agrarian Reform

Installed photovoltaic lighting at a co-op school.

Brought photovoltaic system  online.

Designed and wrote computer payroll system.

Wrote documentation on payroll system.

Repaired computers.

Held seminar on entymology and insect control in agriculture.

Held seminar in plant pathology for in-service workers.

Ministry of Finance

Did a review of CICS project and payroll system.

Taught an assembly language programming class for IBM 370, 4331.

Did long-term consulting and instruction in IBM 360 systems.

Continued work on job accounting system design and specification.

Taught course in Jackson structured programming.

Consulted on mainframe computer issues.

Designed a job accounting system to bill users for computer time.

Taught CICS to expert programmers and helped implement CICS.

Taught introductory course in IBM 370 Assembly Language.

Ministry of Health

Trained staff in use of microcomputers and micro software.

Did statistical study of health care problems.

Worked at machine shop on various projects.

Repaired ultrasound equipment.

Did  trainging in dBase III.

Taught  trauma techniques to emergency room doctors.

Repaired medical electronic equipment.

Visited hospitals to evaluate boiler and equipment problems.

Repaired boilers in Esteli, Granada, and Jinotepe.

Surveyed parts needs in these cities.

Repaired EEG and other medical electronic equipment.

Studied water pollution in Matagalpa region.

Taught courses and constuled in X-Ray use and safety.

Conducted survey of needs for foreign advisors.

Ministry of Labor

Taught computer porogramming.

Processed health and safety data, taught SPSS and statistics.

Taught Lotus use.

Trained two groups in beginning Lotus applications.

Nuevo Diario Newspaper

Repaired electrical problems and consulted on maintenance.

Nicaragua Windmill Repair Project

Taught welding and provided technical advice.

Nicaraguan Nutrition Program

Did systems analysis for proposed computer model to track nutrition.

Developed payroll spreadsheet and taught Appleworks.

Wrote program for personnel administration.

Did computer project on malnutrition and food supply.

Analyzed microcompter hardware/software for research on food shortages.

Taught course in administrative computing applications.

Did computer repair work.

Taught beginning Appleworks spreadsheet and word processing.

Central American Polymers Factory

Did repair work on gas chromograph.

Consulted on operation and expansion of PVC plant.

Power for the People Project

Worked on hydropower site.

Did wiring on existing hydro project.

Installed 12-volt hydroelectric system to light 9 houses.

Nicaraguan Red Cross

Taught first aid techniques to emergency personnel.

Vocational School for Youth

Taught math to machine shop instructors.

TecNica Skilled Trades Taskforce

Did a national survey of needs for skilled trades volunteers.

Ministry of Agricultural Reform

Taught PASCAL and UNIX classes.

Taught C programming.

Popular Video Workshop

Did training work in video production.

Provided technical translation.

National Tourist Agency

Advised in budget and marketing plan for tourist industry in Nicaragua.

University of Central America

Taught nutrition instructors on audiovisual teaching methods.

National Automonous University

Taught dBase III and consulted on curriculum.

Advised on public health work/study program.

Taught math and sciences in Leon.

Taught math, assisted in the review of the math currriculum.

Did study of the causes of infant diarrhea.

Lectured on mathematics; worked directly with professors.

Taught database workshop.

Lectured on computers and infrared spectroscopy.

Modified student record database in dBase III.

Taught medical bio-statistics.

Set up physics lab for solar cell fabrication and taught classes.

Installed machine for measuring lead in blood.

Did computer repair work.

National Engineering University

Taught a course in Basic.

Taught and consulted on UNIX System IV on PC ATDid computer repair and instruction.

Consulted on curriculum for mechanical engineering program.

Taught C programming and UNIX.

Repaired various microcomputers and printers at UNI lab.

Advised on mechanical engineering curriculum.

Repaired microcomputers and taught microprocessor interfacing.

Taught short course in C programming.

Video School

Worked as systems technician and repair person for video equipment.

Nicaragua Wheelchair Repair Center

Organized wheelchair repairs and provided training.