Audio Part 1: TecNica in Africa Needs Assessment — Introduction

In the late 1980’s, TecNica planned to send volunteers to work in Southern Africa in the same capacity as it had in Nicaragua; that is, providing technical assistance when volunteers with appropriate skilled could be identified and sent to the job site.

Delegations traveled to Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique, assessing the needs of hospitals, medical schools, government agencies, and private companies to bolster the technical side of their work with teaching and equipment.

This audio recording is a report by TecNica Executive Director, Michael Urmann on what he and the delegations found, the needs assessments they performed, and possibilities for the future.

The audio represented a recording made during one long meeting with local Berkeley TecNica staff and volunteers, supporters, and possible funders.  The audio has necessarily been broken down into multiple segments because, taken as a whole, it was too long to upload to this WordPress site.  This is Part 1:  Overview and Introduction.

Click here to see the written overview (summary) of the full audio recording of the Africa Needs Assessment report.

Here are the segments.  You may click on each to listen to that audio recording.

Part 1:  Introduction and Overview of the Africa Projects


more segments coming!