Hello TecNica Volunteers and Friends!

This website is designed to serve a number of purposes — to facilitate a meeting place for those who were TecNica Volunteers or staff, donors, a Nicaraguan host, or anyone who worked with TecNica in Nicaragua or in countries of Southern Africa to stay in touch as a group, and collect experiences and items that document our unique NGO.  Items of interest might include volunteer reports, correspondence, photographs, and other related information.  Our primary goal is to document a worthy accomplishment.Barbara Atkinson, TecNica Volunteer in Nicaragua

One objective is to have as many TecNica Volunteers as possible register on this site. The more who register, the more we can find each other, stay in touch, and facilitate a forum for discussion and announcements.

Another objective is to document the work done by TecNica in Nicaragua and Southern Africa.  Of primary interest are Project Reports, so, please submit any project reports you may have, any personal notes you may have made, and, of course, photos would add a great deal to the written information.

Finally, we all have stories to tell. Experiences like this inevitably include chance encounters, instant friendships, and wonderful anecdotes about living in a different culture.


If you are a visitor to this site and would like to learn more about the background of TecNica, please click here to visit our page on the Background of TecNica.

How to Register

To register and be able to contribute to discussions, ask questions, or communicate with people on this site, please click on the link Register in the right navigation column as the first link under “Meta” (metadata). Once you have registered, you will be able to contribute comments and respond to blogs.

TecNica Volunteers’ Stories

Most volunteers had incredible experiences in their placements and during their stay.  If you had a memorable experience, for any reason, please share your stories with others.

Here’s an example, from a TecNica Volunteer while in Managua.

Surprise at the Yerba Buena Coffee House by Mary Engle

4 Responses to Hello TecNica Volunteers and Friends!

  1. Barbara Atkinson says:

    Venga a la comemoracion de la vida de Ben Linder!

    A Memorial 25 Years Later
    Remembering Ben Linder

    La Pen~a Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA
    Saturday April 28, 2012
    Free – 4-6pm

    Remembering Ben Linder 25 years after he was killed in Nicaragua. Ben was an engineer, a circus arts performer, a solidarity and peace activist and to many of us a friend, coworker and more.

    On April 28th 1987 Ben was murdered by the Reagan backed counter revolutionaries while doing research for a small scale hydro electric generator in a rural area of Nicaragua. This was to be his second project providing electric power to an isolated farm town. Ben had lived in Nicaragua for years already. He was known for his work and known for his play. He was constantly involved in local circus arts, doing full costume clown, riding unicycle and juggling.

    He was also involved in the solidarity movement to oppose the criminal Reagan Administration dirty war against the Nicaraguan people and government. You are invited to come and join his friends, admirers and many who have been involved with Latin American solidarity, alternative energy development and circus arts, along with our friends to remember him and share about all the issues that his life and death bring up. Following the memorial, those who wish can join us for dinner at the adjacent restaurant.

  2. On 12/6/2011 8:23 PM, Shelley Sherman wrote:
    > We just got news that Paul Baizerman died today in New York City, accompanied by his wife Yudi and his brother, Mike. He had been really sick and in the hospital about a month. He had lost a lot of weight and was quite weak. Apparently he had a heart attack, and wasn’t strong enough to rally. We had been hoping to see him at the end of December, but only found out this weekend that he had really taken a turn for the worse. Paul was a hard worker and a committed friend. We don’t have more news yet, and I am not sure who to notify, but thought I’d start with you. Please pass the word along.
    > Abrazos,
    > Shelley

  3. Donald L Macleay says:

    Sad news about Bob Frey.
    He was killed in his home in Ensenada.


  4. MarthaKirkwood says:

    Hello, I’m looking for Julie Thompson, Engineer, from Berkely CA. A volunteer in 1985/86 working on drainage and water projects. I’m a former classmate trying to contact Julie for a reunion. If you know her please direct her to this post. Martha Kirkwood

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