Africa Planning Presentation — Michael Urmann

This is a recorded audio presentation by Michael Urmann discussing plans to develop projects in Africa, including the countries of Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Recorded in the late 1980’s, it elaborates on TecNica’s efforts to initiate projects and how this was approached; for example, initial analyses, teacher training evaluations, and visits to countries and meetings with officials with whom TecNica would work to identify possible volunteer projects.

It includes analyses of the existing situation in countries, and prior development efforts by NGO’s and aid by European countries.

Urmann identifies projects in academic areas, skilled trades, management skills, teaching and teacher training, medical and hospital needs, planning issues, regionally centered seminars for agricultural coop workers on pesticide poison, first aid, and agricultural

Audio series of Michael Urmann’s Presentation.

Part 1:  Overview of the TecNica in Africa Planning Process